30 Mar

Choosing the right Crossfit equipment can be trickier than it seems

at first glance. New companies are starting to offer Crossfit

equipment for sale, and some established companies are also trying to

cater to this market by creating products tailored to Crossfit

enthusiasts. For those of you who would like to pick up some

equipment for a home gym, it quickly becomes a time-consuming task to

figure out the best value for the money and which product suits your

needs. Luckily, there are some things to look for that can help you

make a sound decision no matter what kind of Crossfit equipment you

want to buy.

CrossFit Kansas City

The first thing to consider is the overall reputation of the brand.

Many general purpose fitness product manufacturers make products that

are geared towards the mass-market recreational workout crowd. These

are the type of people that use a product a handful of times and then

put it in a closet. Those manufacturers aren’t going to design their

equipment to go through the kind of abuse that many Crossfitters

regularly subject their gear to. Therefore, try to stick to brands

that specifically tailor much of their gear for Crossfit, such as

Rogue, Again Faster, and Pendlay. These three brands have established

themselves as premier manufacturers of Crossfit equipment and can be

trusted to provide a great product and solid customer service.

Once you know the manufacturer makes high quality Crossfit gear, the

next factor to consider is the price. Because Crossfit is such a hot

market right now, and there are so few U.S. manufacturers capable of

creating high quality gear, some manufacturers are charging a premium

for their equipment. While prices do vary for each type of equipment,

we’ve found that in general, Rogue and Again Faster brands are going

to be pricier than Pendlay for a wide variety of things like

kettlebells and bumper plates, while Pendlay will be pricier for

their barbells since they don’t offer a mid/low-end barbell.

Once you’ve found a solid manufacturer, and you’ve figured out the

difference in price between the type of Crossfit equipment for sale

that you want, it’s time to find some reviews for the products. A

good source of information on almost any type of product is the main

Crossfit forum. There, you can find actual customers of the companies

and users of the products you’re interested in. Simply register and

perform a search on the forum for the equipment you want to find

reviews for. Once you see some user feedback for the type of gear you

want, double check the prices again and make an informed decision

based on the feedback from people who have already purchased the

equipment you want.

Ryanlee Genterson is a personal trainer and Crossfit enthusiast. For

more specific Crossfit equipment recommendations, check out this

review site: Crossfit equipment. You can also check out

recommendations for equipment packages here: Crossfit equipment




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